How to Retrieve Data from Maxtor Hard Drive?

Maxtor is a reputable manufacturer of hard drives and data storage. Maxtor may have been purchased by Seagate in 2005 but they are still continuing the Maxtor hard drive brand and even these hard drives are susceptible to physical crashes, manufacturing defects and user error. Having a data loss problem from Maxtor hard drive, especially in an environment where attention to detail and deadlines are critical to your work, can be detrimental and business affecting, not to mention client affecting. Even home users with endless amounts of photos and home movies stored on their Maxtor hard drives can feel the stress and worry which comes with data loss. So, we need to go for Maxtor hard drive recovery, by using Hard Drives Recovery tool. This software helps you to restore data from Mac hard drive and Windows hard drive data of Maxtor brand.

Some of the symptoms of a Maxtor hard drive failure are:

When you are unable to access your Maxtor hard drive, it means that your hard disk is corrupted and need a format in order to use the hard drive again. Formatting the hard drive will erase all the stored information, if you do not have a backup copy which will result in severe loss of files. However, hard drive recovery tool is the best solution which knows how to recover files from formatted hard drive. It provides perfect solution for your question on how to retrieve data from Maxtor hard drive after formattting or any other data loss reason.

Some of the major causes for deletion / loss of Maxtor hard drive are as follows:

Accidental deletion of partition: Partitions may get deleted accidentally by using partitioning tools like Disk Management tool. For instance, you may accidentally delete the partition that contains data instead of deleting an empty partition. When you deleted the partition, all the data stored on the partition gets deleted. Hard drives recovery utility helps to recover lost hard drive data.

Conversion from dynamic to basic: Windows OS supports two types of disk storage i.e. basic and dynamic disk. You can convert basic disk and dynamic disk easily. But, converting dynamic disk back to basic disk deletes all the data. Sometimes, you may accidentally convert dynamic to basic resulting in data loss.

Crashed Hard disk: When a hard drive does not properly boot or crashes due to any reason the data stored inside becomes inaccessible. However, you can easily restore data from Maxtor hard drive after inaccessibility using hard drives recovery program.

Unexpected condition: Instant power failure or forcibly turning off the computer while data transfer process is still in progress may lose some data in the hard disk.

If you experience any of the above mentioned problems, it's important that you back up your important files and replace the Maxtor hard drive as soon as possible. If you try to run a failing hard disk, you may further corrupt the drive, probably causing you to lose data permanently. If you've already lost some files, don't continue to use the same hard drive, as this can cause even more of your files to be overwritten or lost. The best solution is to safely shut down your system and use reliable hard drives recovery software to carry out Maxtor hard drive recovery and recover all the lost or deleted from it.

Features of hard drives recovery software:

Hard drives recovery tool is one of the popular recovery tools which is developed by some expert data recovery professionals to recover hard drives data.

This utility facilitates you to recover data from formatted, partitioned and re-partitioned FAT and NTFS hard drive. This software can recover hard drive data from NTFS and FAT partitions on 32 bit and 64 bit.

This tool supports recovery of more than 300 file types from different storage media. In case the hard drive has some bad sectors this tool helps you to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors.

Using this application, you can even rescue photo files from your SD Card. It supports all major brands of SD card such as Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, Sony etc. Go to this web-site to enquire more about SD card photo recovery.

Follow the steps given below to restore data from Maxtor hard drive:

Step 1: Firstly, disconnect affected Maxtor hard drive from PC and connect it to another system as a secondary storage device. Download and install the free trial version of Maxtor hard drive recovery tool in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and the main window appears. Select "Recover Drives” option from the main screen and proceed further.

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: When you select “Recover Drives” option, a new window appears. The new window provides you an option to recover deleted / lost partitions and to recover formatted/re-formatted partitions. Select any of the options based on your scenario to recover Maxtor hard drive data and proceed to the next.

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery - Select Recovery Option

Step 3: The program detects all the physical drives and displays it. Select the drive from which you want to recover lost data and click on "Next" tab.

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery - Select Maxtor Drive

Step4: Then, the software starts scanning the hard disk and displays all the recovered data in “File Type View / Data Type View”.

Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery - View Restored Files

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