• Effortlessly recovers data from high capacity hard drives on both Windows & Mac OS
  • Can recover data from SCSI, SATA, SAS and many other popular hard disk drive interface
  • Restore data from inaccessible or non-booting hard drives
  • Recover hard drive with bad sectors by creating disk images

If you are wondering how to recover data from hard disk, then you have landed at right place. There is a way to restore data from hard disk. Just keep reading this article to know about this.

The hard drive in our computer is not only the storage house of our precious data but it also contains the operating system which is responsible for successful communication between computer’s hardware and software. There could be various of reasons for data loss from hard drive of computer but with the availability of hard drives recovery tool and services, it is possible to recover your precious deleted or lost data. In order to select an appropriate solution to recover hard drives data, it is advisable to understand the cause for data loss from hard drive.

Hard drives recovery utility is one of the best utility, specialized in hard drive data recovery for Mac and Windows Operating System. The software can easily restore hard drive files, folders and other essential data even from complex data loss scenarios. Not only that, this tool provides extremely easy yet effective steps on how to retrieve lost data from hard drive through an intuitive graphical user interface.

Mentioned below are common reasons of data loss from hard drive of your computer:

Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of data is one of the prominent reasons of losing them. Due to various human errors like emptying the Trash / Recycle Bin, mistakenly deletions of files / folders are some examples of accidental deletion.

File System error: Errors occurred during re-partitioning the hard drive can cause file system corruption or conversion from FAT to NTFS file system may also erase the table of content causing data loss.

Accidental Formatting: Accidentally formatting the partition or formatting the entire hard drive by mistake can result in loss of data from that particular formatted partition.

Partitioning errors: While trying to create a new partition or establishing dual OS system in a new partition or locating free disk space in a partition may cause data loss from hard drive. However, if you want to recover hard drives data, then go with this utility

Bad Sector: Data from computer hard drive can be lost due to bad sectors. If your hard drive is developed with bad sectors, then the bad sectors won’t allow you to access data stored on its consecutive sectors. Bad sectors on the hard disk can be created due to a number of reasons like frequent power failures, accidental system shutdown, over clocking of motherboard, etc. Sometimes it results in dead hard drive. You can recover dead hard drive data using the recovery software.

Virus Infection: Virus infection can cause hard drive failure as it corrupt the Operating System or file system attributes thereby making the entire drive inaccessible leading to data loss. But, you can restore data from hard disk using our most reliable recovery tool.

MBR Corruption: MBR is the table of content which holds information about the partition, files and folders, any kind of corruption to MBR may lead to system crash thereby resulting in loss of vital files.

Feature of Hard Drives Recovery tool are:

The efficient disk scanning programs of this software scans each and every sector of your hard drive to recover data from Mac hard drive and Windows hard drive.

Ensures the Maxtor hard drive recovery from all type of hard drive (IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS, USB, FireWire etc.) and also facilitates restoration of files from external hard disk drives and FireWire drives.

Creates exact replica of hard drive as a file that is called as disk image to bypass BAD sectors.

It recovers files from formatted hard drive even after system restoration to factory settings.

The retrieved files can be easily categorized according to title, data, size, file extension etc.

Recent update:

SD Card Photo Recovery: There is a good news for SD card users who still didn’t find a way to recover photos from their SD card that hard drives recovery tool is upgraded with some new features, which would help you to recover your valuable photo file from SD card. Hop over to this web-site for complete information: http://www.harddrivesrecovery.org/rescue-photos-from-sd-card.html

Recovery procedure of hard drive on Windows OS:

Step 1: Disconnect the affected hard drive and attach it to a healthy computer. Download and install free demo version of Hard Drives Recovery software to the new computer. Then run the software and select “RECOVER PARTITIONS / DRIVES” from the main window to restore data from hard disk.

Hard Drives Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select any one, from the two recovery options, “PARTITION RECOVERY” and “FORMATTED / REFORMATTED RECOVERY”. As you make your selection, the software will display all the physical drives present on that system. Click on the affected hard drive and press ‘NEXT’.

Hard Drives Recovery - Select Recovery Option

Step 3: Now choose from the logical partitions present on the selected hard drive and continue by pressing ‘NEXT’. Now wait till the software finishes its scan. As the scanning ends, software displays all the recovered files in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

Hard Drives Recovery - Preview Restored Files

Precautions to be taken:

  • If experience trouble from hard disk like clinking noise, system freeze, sudden system restart etc. then do not avoid these warnings.
  • Backup hard drive data on regular basis.
  • Regularly defragment your hard drive.
  • It is advised not to use the hard drive after any type of data loss.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users