Retrieve Files from a Hard Drive after Format

Have you wrongly formatted your hard disk partition while formatting a virus infected partition and lost all of your important files??? Later when you were working on your computer you found that by mistake you have formatted some other partition having essential files. At that particular moment, you are really disappointed just because of your carelessness you lost your complete data saved on the hard disk. Now are you worried and thinking how to recover files from formatted hard drive? No need to be panic!!! Here is the exact solution which will solve all of your data loss problems after formatting your hard drive intentionally or accidentally. Just make use of hard drive recovery utility to unformat your hard disk drive and restore files from formatted hard disk.

Hard drive recovery tool offers several modules required for file recovery which allows the user to retrieve files from a hard drive after fomat with complete directory structure. For further reference follow the below link:

Hard disk is the most critical part of a computer which is capable of storing huge amount of data. Hard drive can then be divided into smaller logical sections which are known as partitions/volumes. The information which you save on these hard disk partitions will be stored in non-volatile form that can be accessed in the future whenever required. Formatting hard drive prepares a storage medium for reading and writing information on the hard disk and assigns a new file system. In this formatting process, the operating system of the computer will erase all the saved information, tests the hard drive to ensure that all the hard disk sectors are reliable and creates an internal address table which are utilized by the operating system in order to locate the file information.

Common Real Life Scenario:

Suppose you are working on your PC in order to access some of the important business files. But because of hazardous virus attack, your computer was responding very slowly as a result of which you were not able to access the files. Thus, you decided to format your PC but unfortunately you had forgotten to take the backup of all the files stored on the hard drive causing data loss. Are you upset and thinking what can be done next to get back the files from formatted hard drive?? This is one of the most common mistakes done by the all the users. However, need not worry!!! It is very simple to restore files from formatted hard disk by making use of hard drive recovery software.

In spite of this reason, there are several other reasons in which users format their hard disk and lose their entire essential files.

Basic reasons for formatting hard disk are:

These were a few reasons that are accountable for formatting the hard drive and thereby causing data loss. Take a look on some simple tips to avoid loss of data in future like stop using the formattied hard drive to add new files which prevents overwriting of lost files, always install effective antivirus scanning tool on the system to make your PC free from external threats such as malware or spyware, Take a backup copy of stored files and save it on some reliable storage media so that in case of data loss you can easily recover your lost data.

Have you followed all these precautionary steps and still due to some reason going through a data loss situation. If so, without wasting your time try hard drives recovery software which is highly reviewed by industry experts in order to get back lost data from formatted or reformatted partition. It supports file recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXFAT, HFSX and HFS+ file system partition. This utility can recover lost files from all types of hard disk such as SCSI, IDE, SAS, FireWire, USB, etc. You can even perfrom file recovery from crashed hard drive using the software. Hard drive recovery tool uses powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire formatted hard drive to identify the file type and based on their unique file extension can restore data from hard drive on Mac as well as on Windows computer.

Guide on how to recover files from formatted hard drive:

Step A: Get the trial version of the tool and install it on the hard disk. Then run the tool by double clicking on the shortcut desktop icon and choose “Recover Drives” option from the main screen.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive - Main screen

Step B: From the next screen, select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option. As you select the option, the tool will display all the logical drives that are present on that computer. Then click on the hard drive from which you have lost the data and press on “NEXT” button.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive - Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step C: Wait till the software completes the scanning process and once the process is done, you can view the list of all the retrieved files in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA TYPE VIEW”.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive - View Restored Files

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