Restore Data from Mac Hard Drive

Hard drives undoubtedly form an important part of your Mac computer system. It is not only a repository that facilitates non-volatile storage of data, rather much more than this. It is a place where your operating system, program files, and data resides. Mac hard drives require proper maintenance and verification tasks time after time to enable you easily get rid of all the impending drive failures.

Data loss fears can still lurk around owing to a number of variables. Some of the potential reasons for data loss on Mac hard drives include frequent power surges or related problems, improper shutdowns or hard restarts, bad sectors on the drive, OS X bugs, etc. Due to these reasons, your hard drive becomes unreadable and leaves you in a tormenting situation of data loss. In these circumstances, you need to identify the underlying issue and opt for a competent Macintosh HDD data recovery solutions.

Hard Drives Recovery software is the perfect recovery tool to recover data from Mac hard drive. It uses non destructive read only data recovery mechanism to restore hard drive data with a neatly crafted user interface and can handle complex data recoveries successfully.

Basic data loss scenarios of Mac Hard Drive are:

Unintentionally Deleted Data from Mac Hard Drive: You might have accidentally deleted the file using Command + Delete keys or emptied the Trash using “Empty Trash” option. In such case, you generally check your Time Machine Backups to get back those data. You can use backup application only to retrieve a version of the file from the previous hour or older not from the span of time between Time Machine Backups.

Logical Corruption of Hard Drive: Another common way of losing the data is due to Mac hard drive corruption. Volume header corruption, catalog file corruption or Journal corruptions are common logical corruptions which make your data inaccessible resulting in data loss. Volume header is similar to file header that contains specific information about volume. The catalog data and journal data are also important components of volume metadata which keeps track of modification done to the Mac File system.

Accidentally Formatted the Mac Hard Drive: Re-installation of operating system requires formatting the drive where you want to install the operating system again. If you format the drive, then you may lose all the data stored on it. But, you can restore data from Mac hard drive using services of hard drives recovery software.

Deletion of partition after re-partitioning the hard drive: You can re-partition the Mac hard disk using disk utility. While repartitioning the Mac hard drive, you may accidentally delete the existing volume resulting in data loss. To safely repartition your Mac hard drive, you need to use third party utilities. However, making use of our hard drives recovery toolkit, one can easily recover data from Mac hard drive just in few steps.

Failed Disk Utility: Disk utility tools which come equipped with Mac OS X are meant for disk related operations like verifying disk integrity, mounting of the hard drive, creation of disk images, formatting or partitioning of the hard drive, etc. However, the disk utility may show some unexpected behavior sometimes. You may come across some error messages like “File System formatter failed” when you attempt to remove, modify or format a Mac OS X. The reasons may be Incompatibility of the disk utility with the disk partitioning scheme or the partitioning table is corrupted. If you are thinking how to carry out Macintosh HDD data recovery process, then employing this utility would be right choice.

Some precautionary measures to avoid data loss from Mac hard drive are mentioned below:

Before formatting Mac hard drive or any particular volume you should take proper data backup.

If you have already lost files from your Mac hard drive / volume, then stop using the hard drive / volume to avoid permanent data loss. This is because if you use that storage space further the lost data in that storage space may get overwritten with newly saved data which causes permanent data loss.

Features of Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery are:

This software is capable of recovering data lost from hard drive on all versions of Mac due to the complex data loss scenarios.

It helps you to recover lost data from hard drive after any software malfunction or logical error.

It restores data lost from the formatted / re-partitioned Mac hard drive even after their installation of the operating system.

This hard drives recovery utility allows you to recover Maxtor hard drive after file system formatted failed or hard drive corruption.

The software can effectively recover accidentally deleted / formatted data from HFS+ and HFSX formatted Mac volumes.

It recovers data from lost / deleted Mac volumes even when a particular volume refuses to mount. Hard Drives Recovery software also restores hard drive with bad sectors.

Guide on how to recover data from Mac hard drive:

Step 1: Detach the affected hard drive and attach it to new Mac computer / laptop and then download and install free demo version of Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery software. Run the application, and then select “Recover Volumes / Drives” from main window.

Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive - Main screen

Step 2: Select either “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery” or "Partition Recovery" option to restore data from Mac hard drive. Then select the affected hard drive and tap on "Next" button. The software starts scanning the drive to perform Macintosh HDD data recovery process.

Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive - Select formatted / reformatted recovery

Step 3: Once scanning is over, the recovered data can be previewed in “FILE TYE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive - View recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users