Tool to Perform Crashed Hard Disk Data Recovery

The hard drives store the huge data in it and hence it's very much important to be in condition. It requires some minimal maintenance. You cannot predict when the hard drive may fail and become inaccessible. The hard drive might be working normally now and at the next instance only it might make you amazed by stopping to work. You will lose all the critical data on it. Hence, you should always have the backup of the files on the hard drive.

Any computer needs internal storage media to store enormous data on it. The hard drive is the internal storage device in computers. You can further divide the hard drive into logical drives for data maintenance. You can have more than one Operating System on the computer on different partitions. The hard drive will be having the RAID technology which is the data storage technique on the hard drive. The data could be stored on and retrieved from the hard drive faster or slower depending on the RAID technique that is used and also the processor speed of the hard disk.

There are times when you lose files on the hard drive due to crash. The hard drive might be crashed for several reasons. If it happens to you unexpectedly then you will lose several important data on it. You might have stored lots of important documents, licensed software, personal files like your pictures, videos, audios, etc. Have you lost the data forever? No, only the pointers to the files are deleted. The data will be still present on the physical drive which can be recovered using the recovery software for hard drive. Hard Drive Recovery Software provides the perfect answer for the question how can i recover files from a crashed hard drive and helps you to get back files successfully from a crashed hard drive.

Some of the common scenarios in which hard drive can be crashed:

OS crash: The Operating System might crash due to improper installation of it or virus in boot sector. You will lose the access to the files on the computer in such situations. However, you can recover the files using recovery software. Hard Drive Recovery Software helps you to carry out crashed hard disk data recovery and recover all the lost files effectively from the computer.

Sudden system reboots: The system might be rebooted due to sudden power outages or software malfunctioning. The hard drive might crash after few reboots resulting in huge data loss. If you are thinking, can I recover files from a crashed hard drive? Then the recovery software will help you. Hard Drive Recovery Software is the best recovery software to restore files from crashed hard drive.

Bad sectors: The bad sectors on the hard drive are the common reason for hard drive crash. You should get the symptoms of bad sectors and take the precautions to back up the important data on the hard drive. Otherwise data loss is mandatory. If you had lost the files after hard drive crash, then you need recovery software to restore the files. Check out how to recover files after hard drive crash due to bad sectors.

Corrupted Registry files: The registry files will be having some files that are important for the functionality of the computer. If some of the registry files get corrupted, then it results in hard drive crash. After crash, you will lose access to the data on the computer. To get back those, you can use recovery software.

Prominent features of Hard Drive Recovery Software:

The Hard Drive Recovery Software helps you to recover files after hard drive crash. The software supports crashed hard disk data recovery from different hard drive brands like Toshiba, SanDisk, Hitachi, Samsung, WD, Maxtor, etc. To know more about Maxtor HDD recovery visit The software supports RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array data recovery. You can recover the files from IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc. hard drives. The software has powerful scanning mechanism that you can recover almost all the file types of files on the computer. You can recover lost data from hard drive at any worst case scenario easily and instantly using the software.

Steps to restore files from crashed hard drive:

Step 1: Download and install the Hard Drive Recovery Software on the healthy computer. Connect the crashed hard drive to the computer. Run the software and select “Recover Drives” option from the main screen of the software as shown in the below figure.

Can I Recover Files from a Crashed Hard Drive - Main screen

Step 2: Select “Partition Recovery” or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option from the next screen. Then, select the crashed hard drive and click on ‘NEXT’. The software starts scanning the crashed hard drive.

Can I Recover Files from a Crashed Hard Drive - Choose Recovery Option

Step 3: After scanning, the files are listed in “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”. You can preview the files and save them on the computer.

Can I Recover Files from a Crashed Hard Drive - View Retrieved Files

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